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RFL Best Buy Provides Best Quality Plastic Table

RFL Best Buy is the right place to buy plastic tables. We have a wide collection of Plastic tables with colour and design variations. You must know the name of RFL Plastic Table because it is a popular brand in Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh, but it is also well renowned all over the world; we export our items to almost 144 countries. So we can ensure our product quality, it is durable, you can use year after year. If you search our product review, you will find no bad impact on customer experience. So can stay without hesitation for our product quality and its service.  

Plastic Table; Types &  Price

If you visit our site, you will find various plastic tables. Let’s have a look at its types and price

Dining Table

We offer different designs of dining tables. If you have a sole family and looking for a small table, don’t worry, you take 4 seated RFL Plastic tables. Or your family is big; you need 6 0r 8 seats, then we are also available. You can buy 6 Seat Semi Oval Steel Dining Table; it has a steel leg and a wonderful surface design. You fold it when you need more space in your dining room. The price range of our dining table is 1200 BDT to 4500 BDT.

Decorator Table

Top surfaces of various shapes, including rectangular, square, rounded or semi-circular. Legs are arranged in two or more similar pairs. It has four/six legs. Several geometries of the folding table can be collapsed into a smaller volume. It has powder coated, long-lasting mild steel type(MS) leg, which is effective against corrosion. The decorator Table price starts from 1700 BDT and ends at 4500 BDT. The price depends on its size and design. 

Center Table

This multipurpose product is often found in-house and may be used outside, too. It comes with a sturdy plastic case, and the design is very attractive. Colourful graphics and patterns bound the product for a wonderful outdoor party. You keep this table on your favourite veranda, and you can enjoy your morning or afternoon with a cup of tea. It looks Glossy & has a long-lasting, gorgeous print. The Center table price starts from 997 BDT.

Table Price in Bangladesh

You don't need to pay too much money to buy top-quality plastic tables from RFL Best Buy. Our table prices start from 1600 BDT. You can buy the Dining Table 4 Seat for only 1620 BDT.
If you're looking for a table that can accommodate more people, the 6-seater Dining table is a must-have for enjoying meals with all your family members together. The price for a 6-seater Dining table starts from around 4200 BDT.
For those interested in a more stylish option, the Caino Dinner Table 6 Seat offers a sleek design and comes with four MS steel legs. It is priced at 6400 BDT. Plastic reading table price start from 500 BDT, which is really very convenient and most attractive for your baby. 

Benefits of Using Plastic Tables

Maintenance Free: Plastic tables need absolutely zero maintenance, unlike wooden versions. So you won t need to repaint it and bother over its sturdiness. Plastic tables are basically a one-time investment that considers years.
Environment-Friendly: Plastic tables are so easy to get rid of that the cost of production comes down, and it saves trees. The use of reclaimed trees for wood would otherwise cause a great deal of damage to the planet. Purchasing plastic furniture would contribute to reducing damage to the planet.
Long-Lasting: Plastic is a remarkably robust material, and plastic end tables can hold up against many different kinds of damage and staining. This technology is also very rugged, and even if a table is broken, the damage stays the same.

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