Smart, Led & Android TV Price with modern features at RFL Best Buy 

Television is a common entertaining part of our daily life. It's still a witness of a different generation. It allows you to watch sports, news, live broadcasts, and movies. But these days traditional TV's get replaced with smart features. Now you can record the live telecast of any show and enjoy it later. These futuristic changes made an effect on the TV price as well. TV prices in Bangladesh are based on the brands and their quality as well. From different brands and models, you will get different options to buy a TV in Bangladesh.  

Television online Price in Bangladesh 2022

There is a wide range of prices for televisions online in Bangladesh, depending on the type and brand. RFL best buy offers you a range of options and brand variety to buy a TV at the best offering price.  You can choose different brands like VISION, VIGO, and SAMSUNG from RFL best buy. For instance, the VISION TV price starts from 7,000 Taka at RFL best buy. All over you can buy LED smart TV or android TV from RFL best buy with quality satisfaction. Over the last few years, RFL best buy became a promising online store by providing a value of service with some trusted and established brands. 

What Is the Cost of Led TV in Bangladesh? 

LED TV price range in Bangladesh starts from 7,000 Taka. You can buy up different models from lots of brands and manufacturers in Bangladesh. With a minimum budget of 10,000 Taka, you can buy a LED TV in Bangladesh. 

24 inch LED TV price in Bangladesh is less than 10,000 Taka. The price of a 32-inch LED TV in Bangladesh is between 15,000 Taka to 20,000 Taka. 

What Is the Smart TV Price in Bangladesh?

Smart TV in Bangladesh can cost you up to 1,00,000 Taka. Within the range, you can also buy a TV for your home. Smart TV's are nothing but LED TV's with smart features. You can connect your smart TV with the internet and access you tube and browse the internet as well. That's why it costs you more than the other types of TV in Bangladesh. Also, you can get smart TV within the price range of 40,000 Taka to 50,000 Taka in Bangladesh. 

How Much an Android TV Can Cost You in Bangladesh in 2022? 

Android TVs are more like smart TV’s that come with a built-in OS system of Android. You can use your mobile apps on mobile and enjoy the full screen. For example, you can play android mobile games on your TV. 

An android TV can cost you 1,00,000 Taka to 2,00,000 Taka. With no surprise, you can get your value of money from the top brands on your android TV. However, a 32-inch android TV price in Bangladesh starts from 20,000 Taka. 

What Is The Vision Android TV Price in Bangladesh 2022?

When you think about an android TV, the Vision brand will knock your mind first. Vision is not only a name of a trusted home appliance manufacturer, it is the first & foremost Android TV brand in Bangladesh. RFL first introduced the Official Android TV in our Local Market.

You can buy high-quality VISION TV for almost 50,000 Taka. All over Vision Android TV Price in Bangladesh starts from 10,000 Taka. Within the 50,000 Taka range, you will get a random offering to buy a Vision TV in Bangladesh.

Wonder Know the Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV? 

You can think that there is no difference between the common people. Because people use both terms commonly for smart TV. But there is some crucial difference between smart TV and android TV. Know some basic differences between them. 

Built In With A Few Apps Built In With Android
No Operating System Built In With Operating System
Can Connect With  Internet And Browse Only Connect With Internet, Bluetooth And Other Smart Devices
No Play Store Can Access Play Store And Run All Mobile Apps
Less Memory Storage Higher Memory Storage
Price Is Comparatively Low Price Is Comparatively High
Comparatively Less Features Than Android TV More Features Due To The Android Os
Unable To Use As A Computer Can Be Use As A Small Computer
Less Multitasking High Multitasking

Buy TV Online at  

You can buy a TV from anywhere you like. But buying online you can get some advantages like promotional prices, discount prices, and daily offerings. Also, you can buy TV online at comparing the models, features, and prices. RFL best buy always tries to offer the best brand value by ensuring customer satisfaction

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