Bed Price in Bangladesh: Modern Design & Trendy Features 

If you think about your home furniture you should consider the bed first. A comfortable master bed ensures relaxation during sleep time. With a modern bed design, you can decorate your bedroom more aesthetically. Therefore RFL Best Buy allows you to buy the best design bed for your home without breaking your budget or choice. 

With a great collection of renowned brands, designs, types, categories, price variety, and discount prices RFL best buy lets you choose the best bed based on your needs. From wooden to metal or single or double you can find the right fit bed for your house. Nevertheless, you can get Regal brand's latest design bed from RFL best buy at the best price available in Bangladesh. 

How Much Bed Price in Bangladesh 2022 Online? 

Bed price in Bangladesh depends on some factors, what materials it is used. how it's designed, brand value, quality, type, and so on. The average bed price in Bangladesh starts from 8000 Taka. If your budget is high you can buy a high-quality bed within 15,000 Taka to 20,000 Taka in Bangladesh. Else you can buy some cheap quality bed at a lower price less than 5,000 Taka. When you buy a bed you should consider its price, quality, and design. Remember a good brand like Regal Furniture from RFL best buy can guarantee their bed and value for your money. 

What Is the Wooden Bed Price in Bangladesh? 

Wooden beds are the best considering their durability and long-time use. The wooden bed price range starts from 15,000 Taka and up to 30,000 Taka at RFL best buy. Also, you can buy a luxurious modern design bed at a high price from RFL best buy. 

Regal Furniture Bed: Design & Variation

Regal furniture is highly renowned for home furniture in Bangladesh Market. They provide high to low-range wooden to metal beds for your home. You can buy a single or double bed from a variety of options and models. For instance, they are famous for regular wooden beds, LISBON wooden bed, OLIVIA-Wooden King Bed, Semi Double Bed, FLORES, VENUS, CAMELLIA, ASTRELLA, JULIANA, Jamdani Wooden Double bed, and other categories bed. The Regal furniture bed price range starts from 20,000 Taka. Up to 50,000 Taka to more you can buy their premium quality bed with an exclusive design from RFL best buy. 

How Much Is a Single Bed Price in Bangladesh? 

Single beds are small in size and suitable for bachelor or small room types. You can buy a single bed within 10,000 Taka in Bangladesh online.  A high-quality single bed can cost you up to 18,000 Taka at RFL best buy.

How Much Does a Double Bed Cost You in Bangladesh Online? 

Double bedsare ideal for a family, or couple's master bedroom. From 20,000 Taka to 40,000 Taka you can buy a double bed in Bangladesh at RFL best buy. Some luxurious king-size beds can cost you more than 50,000 Taka in Bangladesh. These are greatly suitable for decorating your bedroom. 

Folding Bed Makes your feeling different

Folding beds are modern design beds that you can buy for your room. You can place it in your master bedroom or guest room. As it's foldable you can save your room spaces by folding it. These types of beds are getting popular in modern days. RFL best buy offers a folding bed at a range of 30,000 Taka. Price can vary based on the brand and quality. 

Metal Bed Price in Bangladesh Online 

Metal beds are highly durable and ideal for long-term use. Usually, these beds are comparatively weightless than a king-size wooden bed. You can detach it part by part and move it easily due to its lightweight. These are handy in the time of shifting your house. 
From 12,000 Taka to 20,000 Taka you will get a quality metal bed at RFL best buy. These price ranges differ due to promotions and discount offers on the online store. 

Buy Bed from RFL Best Buy 

Some of you may find a simple design bed for your home, we are also available with a wide variety of simple design beds at minimum prices.  
However, buying a high-quality bed is important for your home. An uncomfortable bed can raise random health issues during your sleep time. Therefore it's recommended to buy a comfortable bed for your health, safety, and sleeping pleasure. It's good to invest in your bed and enjoy a sound sleep on it. Remember brands like Regal at RFL best buy can ensure the value of your money by their product. 

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