Oven Price in Bangladesh: Buy Online  

An oven definitely falls under the necessities of our highly fast-paced lifestyle. After a long day, we know that reheating the leftovers and getting the perfect meal can make you feel a bit at ease. A good microwave oven can do this more efficiently than a pan or pot. Even if you are kitchen savvy, microwave ovens still have some undeniable perks to offer, like defrosting frozen foods, melting things in a jiffy, and making popcorn for your movie nights. To make your experience smoother, we have got you the list of the best oven in Bangladesh on the RFL-Best Buy website with so many other home appliance collections. 

Select the best One According to your family size

While looking for the best micro oven for your home, you first need to consider the capacity and your needs. RFL has got you the best deals on countertop microwave ovens starting from 20 liters up to 30 liters. If you are running short on space, you can go for the Vision 20-liter microwaves, which are very popular amongst new families in our country. If you are looking for the best deal to cover all your needs, you can go for the 30 liters one, which is pretty compact. Vision microwave oven price in Bangladesh is very much budget-friendly. That is why this trustworthy brand has been Best Buy’s best-seller for a long time. 

Types and Oven Price variance

Oven price in Bangladesh mainly varies because of the capacity and features. We got you the innovative microwave features stuffed in a 30L microwave within the price range of BDT. 17100 only. The price will significantly drop if you go for the electric one starting from BDT. 8000 only. RFL and Best Buy have always thought of providing the best service to everyone, so we have got you covered with smaller microwave ovens starting from BDT. 8700 only. 

Electric oven vs Microwave oven

The oven price in BD will surely get you thinking of the difference between the electric one and the microwave one. 
The electric oven doesn’t come with so many features. It is targeted for your baking and most cooking needs. It is not an ideal option for reheating your food. Instead, it is more of a cooking tool. If you are interested in buying an electric oven, RFL provides the best-selling VISION and VIGO electric ovens. 

Coming to microwave ovens it is basically an oven constructed over the reheating feature. It can handle instant foods mainly. Nowadays, you will find some combo ovens with all the features like microwave, grill, and convection. This combination feature is getting popular, and we are fully stocked with the combination oven made by Vision to meet public demand. 

Oven with Attractive Design

When planning to buy a micro oven online, it is common to get confused over the material and design. All the ranges RFL and Best Buy provide are made of stainless steel and glass doors. It is very much easy to clean. The sleek design will enhance the look of your counter for sure. And the well-protected designs will provide you with the best and long-lasting service. 

Smart Features and Power Consumption

All the smart cooking features like different heating modes and wide timer options are in high demand right now. We are fully stocked with smart featured ovens and give express delivery with our service team. 

Microwave oven prices in BD can vary with the power consumption rate. With the rising electricity bill, getting an oven that won’t add weight to your electricity bills is essential. That is why we are providing microwave ovens with inverters. This will save electricity up to 80 percent. 

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