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In the hot summer season when the temperature is high, how can you control your room temperature? You can think about a fan! But when it's extremely hot the fan is not the way that supports you. In that case, you can buy an air cooler online from RFL BEST BUY to control your room temperature. Know Mini Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh and Vision Air Cooler Price in BD to get them within your budget limit. 

Mini Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh

You can get a portable or mini air cooler to control your room. During the extremely hot summer season, these are handy to use. Mini air coolers are compact in size and weightless. Whenever and wherever you need it, you can move it from one room to another. The air cooler mini price is not that high at RFL BEST BUY. You can easily buy a mini air cooler in Bangladesh from online within 2,000 taka to 2,500 taka from RFL BEST BUY. 

Vision Air Cooler Price in BD at RFLBESTBUY.COM

Vision is the most renowned brand in Bangladesh for home appliance electronic products. You can buy the Vision Air Cooler online as well. RFL BEST BUY online store offers various price ranges for Vision Air Cooler on the site. Vision Air Cooler's Price range starts from 12,500. Within the range of 12,000 to 15,000, you can buy your favorite model from RFL BEST BUY. 

What’s the Difference Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner?

Air Cooler

Air Conditioner

Low price (easily affordable)

High price (not easily affordable for all)

Use less electricity (can be battery operated)

Use high electricity (no use without electricity)

Highly portable, Weightless

Fixed installation, heavy in weight, not moveable

Use water-absorbent pads to control the heat

Use refrigerant, chemical coolant to control the air

Only cool the air

Cool and heat up the air


Why you should buy air cooler | RFLBESTBUY.COM

You can see the difference between an air cooler and air conditioning. So you can decide which one you need the most and why. Both can provide you with a good value for your money. Consider these 5 reasons to buy an air cooler for your room.

  1. To control the heat and cool the air in your room easily and most safely.
  2. Air cooler removes the heat naturally from your room using water. It uses no chemicals.
  3. Consume less electricity and save your electric city bill.
  4. You can move the air cooler easily as it is weightless and portable.
  5. The air cooler price is not that high. You can easily buy a mini air cooler at a fan price. 

From online stores like RFL BEST BUY, you can get random brands of air coolers within a price range. You can get Vision and Vigo air cooler within a budget limit of 15,000 takas at RFL BEST BUY. 

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