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Arrange Your Shoes with The Best Shoe Rack

Do you wear shoes nearly every day? If so, it's important to find a shoe rack that can accommodate your collection. It can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. 
Don’t worry in this article, we will discuss the different types of RFL shoe racks and recommend the best shoe rack price in bd for your home.
Let's explore them! 

Regal Shoe Rack with Best Prices 

A shoe rack is an important piece of furniture for our house. it decorates our shoes very neat and clean. Usually, we hold a shoe rack in front of our main gate. This rack helps us to hold our shoes and saves us time.

The Regal brand provides a lot of shoe rack designs. The RFL shoe racks are made of the proceeding would. Especially the proceed wood is used in front of the rack. Another part of this rack is made with a laminated board.
The rack has a dimension of around L-90×W-35×H-105 centimetre which is mainly wood and laminated material made from the board.
The shoe rack has a special quality of termite resistance. They use well-seasoned and chemically treated wood. This wood ensures termite resistance. It is strong in structure and is insured by the finest quality imported accessories.

There are two colors available. They are wooden color and antique color. Antique color is more popular than wooden color. The color finishing of this rack is very neat and clean.
Regal shoe rack price starts from 6250 BDT made with Laminated Board, Dimension: L-80 x W-40 x H-80 CM. If you want to Wooded & Laminated Board combined shoe racks, the cost will be 15000 BDT.  You can buy shoe racks with EMI facilities for up to 3 to 5 months. 

RFL Best Buy offers a one-year free service warranty. But most of the racks don’t need any service within five years. because the build quality of this shoe rack is stable and strong.

Wooden Shoe Rack 

Now we will inform you about another wooden shoe rack. This wooden shoe rack is customer-friendly and a handy shoe rack.
RFL mainly uses the laminated board to make their furniture. As a result, they used also the finest quality laminated board to make wooden shoe racks. Again, they use the best quality melamine paper so that their furniture gets a scratch-free and glossy look.

A wooden shoe rack is quite different than a plastic shoe rack. Being a branded product, it has all the laudable factors that we all want. 
Then if you look at its build quality it is a laminated material-made rack. The backside of this rack is surrounded by the board and the front side is surrounded by wood.

The colored texture of this rack is very wonderful. There is a mixed color and a grey color on this rack. Besides, the color gradient, there are some beautiful designs around the rack. You can also customize the shoe rack designs by pre-order.

As a common feature, this rack has also the quality of protecting itself from water and termite. Natural components are used in most of the products. That's why it gets a natural difference in grain construction.

For customer satisfaction, RFL company offers free delivery facilities for the product. You also get served by a one-year free service for any manufacturing fault of the product. 
If we have a site at the price quality of the product it charges 6250 BDT for a single rack. So, collect your preferable product.

Finally, Consider your shoe storage needs and buy the best shoe rack for your space. You will find the best plastic shoe racks and wooden shoe racks within your budget from us. With the cheapest shoe rack price in Bangladesh, our guide will help you to find the best one. 

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