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    Product Details:

    Unilever Pureit Classic 

    Brand: Pureit


    Four layer water filtration system

    Microfiber Filter - Cleans all visible dirt

    Micro-porous Wall - Removes tiny dirt particles like rust & sediment

    Colloidal Silver Layer - Removes all harmful microbes, parasites, and bacteria

    Activated Carbon Layer - Improves the taste and flavor of water by removing chlorine elements.

    No cost of electricity and gas

    No need to boil water

    Water Purifier Kit can be changed easily.

    Purifies water fully by removing 99.99% Bacteria, 99% Turbidity, protozoa, iron materials and heavy metals.


    Height: 61 cms

    width: 29 cms

    Depth: 26 cms

    Weight: 4.1 kg

    Total purifier volume: 23 liters

    Water storage capacity: 9 liters

    Water purification rate: 4-5 Liter/hour

    Purifier Kit lifetime Indicator

    A purifier kit can purify 7000 Litre of water or a single kit can purify water up to two years.

    Water Pure It Classic water purification elements was designed and developed in Netherlands based on innovative Nano-Technology.

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